Thursday, 29 January 2009

American Land Art Movement Part 2

Robert Smithson’s ‘Spiral Jetty’ is another iconic land art work. Tons of earth and basalt were moved to create a large spiral in the great Salt Lake, Utah. The materials used were local. The work has been changed over time by the formation of salt crystals and the changes in water level, as the artist intended.

Christo & Jeanne-Claude also made many interventions in the landscape which dramatically altered the appearance of the space. They are famous for wrapping buildings- notably the Reichstag, altering it’s appearance and changing perception of what it stood for. They made many works in the landscape, often dividing areas - Valley curtain in Colorado and Running Fence in California - with large sheets of nylon and other materials. The surrounded islands in Florida are very spectacular. The strong message is about boundary and territory. Their works are temporary and involve the use of much labour and materials, but do not leave any impact.

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