Saturday, 10 January 2009

Experiential landscape

Kevin Thwaites and Ian Simkins 2007 Experiential landscape Routledge
This book explains the theories of experiential landscape. That is, describing areas, particularly urban areas in terms of the experiences had as one moves through them, and how these experiences interact, rather than in terms of physical landscape features - buildings, terrain etc. This is relevant for architects and planners, but is also relevant for artists, particularly sculptors. Although some sculptures are created to be site specific, many have no relevance to the area they are sited. Many are aimed to create an impression, to attract attention only to themselves and the surroundings are irrelevant. Some are created to be deliberately provocative in the area they are placed. Richard Serra’s ‘Tilted Arc’, created in 1981 was 3 sheets of corten steel measuring 12ft by 120ft and slightly tilted. It was placed in the middle of a public plaza, dominating and disrupting the space. Such was the public outcry, that after public hearings it was removed.

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