Monday, 19 January 2009

My Own Private Idaho - My Own Private Idaho movie scene Photo

My Own Private Idaho - Movie Scene Photo

From what I remember this scene sees River Phoenixs' character stood at the side of yet another road wating for someone to pick him up and take him somewhere else; doesn't really seem to matter where. Talks about how he's seen the road before, always looks the same; ' like a fucked up face'. Most poignant at the end where he collapses at side of the never ending road and as the camera slowly pulls away you see cars pull up, people rifle his pockets and take his shoes- till good old Hans turns up and loads the sleeping body into the backseat of his car, again.
So theres the classic American road movie vistas but also the spaces of the underclass/subculture in the squats and hang outs of the beggers and hustlers.

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