Friday, 14 May 2010

Michel Gondry: Star Guitar (The Chemical Brothers) 2003

This video - horrible quality - but lovely, recursive, seamless journey through urban, topographical space. Reminds me of another video, wait...

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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Yaohua Yang: Latent City

Source: Boiteaoutils

'Our friend Yaohua Wang (see his Carbon tower and his interview of Wes Jones, his thesis tutor) from Sci-Arc sent me his thesis project he just presented in a room apparently fully packed ! 
The production of work is simply amazing and the ingenuity of the project is being proven in every rendering. However, a very important part of what makes his Latent City such an amazing projects is embedded in its narration and in this regard I HIGHLY recommend to take the time of watching the 15 min long movie below that explains very didactically why this city is called latent.

The narration implies the architect Foral (aka Yaohua !) finding an agreement with the State in order to build a new city for almost no money. The agreement has to remain secret because it implies a manipulation of big industrial corporations that will own the land for twenty years, build an industrial city according to Foral's plans and therefore providing an important infrastructure. When the city is built, local economic policies forces industries to relocalize their factories outside the city which is abandoned. The state can thus build a new city on the other using the already built infrastructure that has been designed planning on this scenario to occur.

The latent city is thus a palimpsest city whose transformation has been planned since the beginning.'

Latent City by Yaohua Wang from Foral on Vimeo.