Tuesday, 30 November 2010

James's Home

To me home is where I enter into my space, A space that I share with my family, where we can shut the front door and step into our own world. My home is a place where I am happy to return to everyday, it conjures up the words,comfort,warth,friendship and family. My room is an area just for me; it is full of things that I have chosen and things and things that have a meaning or a purpose. For example, My 'A' level art piece has been framed in oak and hangs on a white wall which shows off the natural green and brown colours-I look at this piece of work and automatically think of all the hard work went towards it and the differnt techniques used.
My house is centred in a very natural environment; it is built on the side of a cliff over looking the Looe river; and is surrounded by woodland. This environment enables me to have a sense of space and freedom. I have obtained alot of inspiration for my artwork from my beautiful surroundings, such as the river and numerous trees and the wildlife. I have also drawn alot of inspration from certain colours during different seasons; such as the reds and golds during autumn and shades of green during the spring. For all of the reasons above, I feel part of my environment and can identify with its surroundings and how they enhance my life and indentity.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

..and why not?...

Technology, Politics and Culture:

The link connects to a blog post listing earlier concepts and attitudes to advertising standards in the media c. 1950s/60s.  Warning, some of them quite shocking and not all related to the lecture today.  Representation of gender and identity being referred to here, but there are other examples from a range of contexts...

This is home to me, although this is more of the house/building that I grew up in. My home, a place of refuge/ a place where I can rest, is more the image below, which is the view outside of Number 4, and I think of home as the flavor of the air when I return to Plympton, the taste of Plympton water, the freedom to do whatever I want. The wood itself still has similar attributes to a home, a roof - "shelter" (the canopy of leaves, branches etc), walls - "defence" (the trunks, bushes, ivy etc), and windows and doors - "seeing" & "entrance" (areas of the wood which is less dense which you can gain entrance through and look out from).

Transitory Living

I currently live in rented accommodation. This is a room in a house occupied by my landlord who is away at work for weeks at a time. I haven’t ‘rented a room’ for over 15 years now so this feels very odd. I am used to putting my self onto the walls, establishing my clutter and having all my things to hand. At the present I am living out of my travel bag. With nothing in a specific place in this inpersonal non place I am continuously trying to find my things. They are all contained within my room but they all occupy a cardboard box. I have been made to feel very welcome in this house but I can’t yet live outside this temporary confinement. My pictures do not yet adorn the walls. My stuff has not ventured far from my room. My toothbrush is the only thing that has got far and that is just down the hall in the bathroom. I only have one piece of clutter and that is the small pile of paperwork living unmanaged on my desk.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Currently living out of a bedroom, every aspect of my life is compiled into one space. On one side of the room, my bed. The other side, everything else.
Theres an unused 4:3 LCD TV which is slightly obscured from view due to the build up of paint brushes, boxes, paper, mail - still to be sorted. These objects sit upon a vivarium for a lizard.
On the wall a clock which displays the incorrect time - must replace the batteries soon. The notice board to the left of the clock is full of ideas for photographs, blog posts and reminders - the usual lists reminding me to write ‘to do lists’ are also present.
Below a desk, a computer - which is home to more notes. Film scanner. More paper. Above the canvas boards on the floor is a red shelving unit. This holds CDs, DVDs, pens, change, cameras, electrical tape, undeveloped film shot decades ago.
Ideally I’d have a minimalistic room with neatly framed prints hung upon the wall. A distinct lack of notes stuck to things. The floor wouldn’t be used as a make-do storage device however, this space is functional, not an idealist one. Whilst this room does show an element of myself, my personality, it is not perhaps the one I’d choose to publicly display (but now have).


Home for me is much like having a split personality, mainly due to the fact that I see myself as having two homes. There is my 6 bedroom student house which holds my temporary lifestyle where I socialise, drink and fend for myself as I venture through my uni life. Whereas 20 minutes away there is my childhood household where I have grown up feeling safe, well looked after and knowing I have a sheltered life to fall back on.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Yanko Tsvetkov: Mapping Stereotpyes

This links to the work of an illustrator/designer who maps the world in accordance with their stereotypical perceptions.  Nobody is really left out, so it shouldn't be too insulting, although the Americans come out quite badly in a few of these examples as 'perpetrators' or maybe this is also a further stereotype?  The image below is:

The World According to USA (Fearmonger Special XXL Edition)

I love my home

My house says a lot about me, there are cracks in the walls, it could do with a coat of paint and some repair. The inside looks a bit in need of TLC, but it reliably keeps the rain out and the foundations are good.

My home

Home is important part of life for me. Because I spend most of the time in my home and that's why I choosed my department "Spatial Design". I am living in a small but new flat. It has 2 bedrooms and a living room with open plan kitchen.
The living room was decoreted modest anf familiar. It has beige walls and lignt brown carpet, a green sofabed and a blue recliner sofa, a plasma tv. I don't want to live with too much furniture because, they restricts my living area. I always want to be free, easy to rich something, ready for any unusual things. I should see my all around. The seaters were located as to be able to see tv. It shows that tv is one of part of our life. I like to watch film and documentery and I like to hear a voice in my environment. I feel safer like that.
One of my its wall full of my families photos. I enjoy to see my daughter photos from birth to present. Thus, I don't forget all her ages. I like to spent time with my family.
I like to be busy and in rush. There are too much things to do in the life. Spending time with familiy, friends, travelling all around the word, having hobies like designing something new, playing an ensturment, reading magazine or book, surfing on the net, improving ideas for new jobs, cooking etc...
I think my home simple and comfortable. It is enough to live in comfy, tidy, warm and familiar.