Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Currently living out of a bedroom, every aspect of my life is compiled into one space. On one side of the room, my bed. The other side, everything else.
Theres an unused 4:3 LCD TV which is slightly obscured from view due to the build up of paint brushes, boxes, paper, mail - still to be sorted. These objects sit upon a vivarium for a lizard.
On the wall a clock which displays the incorrect time - must replace the batteries soon. The notice board to the left of the clock is full of ideas for photographs, blog posts and reminders - the usual lists reminding me to write ‘to do lists’ are also present.
Below a desk, a computer - which is home to more notes. Film scanner. More paper. Above the canvas boards on the floor is a red shelving unit. This holds CDs, DVDs, pens, change, cameras, electrical tape, undeveloped film shot decades ago.
Ideally I’d have a minimalistic room with neatly framed prints hung upon the wall. A distinct lack of notes stuck to things. The floor wouldn’t be used as a make-do storage device however, this space is functional, not an idealist one. Whilst this room does show an element of myself, my personality, it is not perhaps the one I’d choose to publicly display (but now have).

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