Thursday, 18 November 2010

My home

Home is important part of life for me. Because I spend most of the time in my home and that's why I choosed my department "Spatial Design". I am living in a small but new flat. It has 2 bedrooms and a living room with open plan kitchen.
The living room was decoreted modest anf familiar. It has beige walls and lignt brown carpet, a green sofabed and a blue recliner sofa, a plasma tv. I don't want to live with too much furniture because, they restricts my living area. I always want to be free, easy to rich something, ready for any unusual things. I should see my all around. The seaters were located as to be able to see tv. It shows that tv is one of part of our life. I like to watch film and documentery and I like to hear a voice in my environment. I feel safer like that.
One of my its wall full of my families photos. I enjoy to see my daughter photos from birth to present. Thus, I don't forget all her ages. I like to spent time with my family.
I like to be busy and in rush. There are too much things to do in the life. Spending time with familiy, friends, travelling all around the word, having hobies like designing something new, playing an ensturment, reading magazine or book, surfing on the net, improving ideas for new jobs, cooking etc...
I think my home simple and comfortable. It is enough to live in comfy, tidy, warm and familiar.

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