Tuesday, 30 November 2010

James's Home

To me home is where I enter into my space, A space that I share with my family, where we can shut the front door and step into our own world. My home is a place where I am happy to return to everyday, it conjures up the words,comfort,warth,friendship and family. My room is an area just for me; it is full of things that I have chosen and things and things that have a meaning or a purpose. For example, My 'A' level art piece has been framed in oak and hangs on a white wall which shows off the natural green and brown colours-I look at this piece of work and automatically think of all the hard work went towards it and the differnt techniques used.
My house is centred in a very natural environment; it is built on the side of a cliff over looking the Looe river; and is surrounded by woodland. This environment enables me to have a sense of space and freedom. I have obtained alot of inspiration for my artwork from my beautiful surroundings, such as the river and numerous trees and the wildlife. I have also drawn alot of inspration from certain colours during different seasons; such as the reds and golds during autumn and shades of green during the spring. For all of the reasons above, I feel part of my environment and can identify with its surroundings and how they enhance my life and indentity.

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