Thursday, 25 November 2010

Transitory Living

I currently live in rented accommodation. This is a room in a house occupied by my landlord who is away at work for weeks at a time. I haven’t ‘rented a room’ for over 15 years now so this feels very odd. I am used to putting my self onto the walls, establishing my clutter and having all my things to hand. At the present I am living out of my travel bag. With nothing in a specific place in this inpersonal non place I am continuously trying to find my things. They are all contained within my room but they all occupy a cardboard box. I have been made to feel very welcome in this house but I can’t yet live outside this temporary confinement. My pictures do not yet adorn the walls. My stuff has not ventured far from my room. My toothbrush is the only thing that has got far and that is just down the hall in the bathroom. I only have one piece of clutter and that is the small pile of paperwork living unmanaged on my desk.

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