Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Controlled Enviroment: Phenomenon Of Theme Parks and Destinations

Westin Bonaventure is the largest Hotel in Los Angeles California , it is 367 ft (112 mtr ) tall, with 35 floors , the top floor comprises of a revolving restaurant and bar. It was designed and built by John Portman. The building came to my attention whilst reading an exerpt from a writing by Fredric Jameson. He states that this building "typifies the logic of Post-modernism and social organization."

It does this from the very outset of your interaction with it. The hotel has 3 entrances, none of which directly bring you to the reception, ensuring that the design layout is controlling your movement throughout the hotel taking you past in built retail outlets. Jameson believes that the hotel is trying to be a city, a contained controlled environment, " The Bonaventure aspires to being a total space, a complete world, a kind of miniature city" The positioning of the revolving restaurant ensures you have views of the whole city without you having to leave the hotel. In the book Rethinking Architecture (Cultural logic of late capitalism, pg. 242). Jameson goes on to explain and explore how other aspects of the hotel's design has been created specifically to manipulate the user and also to point out that John Portman the architect is also a businessman and multimillionaire developer !

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