Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thomas Demand

This is a link about a Fine Art Photographer whose work is considered to touch on some of the ideas discussed in yesterday's lecture: Baudrillard's Simulation/Simulacra.  Demand's life-size models construct simulations of real-life spaces derived from popular culture or mass media and, in particular, focus on sensational news media 'sites'.  Think of the media shots of Josef Fritzl's house/bunker, the Oval Office etc. which are somehow ingrained into our memories through saturation broadcasts by the media.  His work 'suggests a tension between the fabricated and the real' and in doing so questions the veracity of the medium of photography itself and the camera, as an instrument historically relied upon to convey the 'truth', is thrown into doubt.

Thomas Demand, Klause/Tavern 2, 2006,
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