Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Janet Cardiff - The Missing Voice (1999)

Janet Cardiff uses maps of London to create her own tours which are a narrative through time and space. Maps are not used just for getting to a final destination but we use maps to navigate through spaces we are not familiar with. What happens in our mind while we are navigating through that space?

Janet Cardiff tries to relate to the listener a stream of consciousness scenarios that she invents in her mind while she walks through the streets. Starting at Whitechapel Library, visitors were given a Discman. You would leave the building and find yourself transported in time. What was that sound? Who is speaking to you? Where does reality end, and what’s imagined begin…?

Richard Wentworth An area of outstanding unnatural beauty (2002)

Scanner (aka Robin Rimbauld) Surface noise (1998) - He lay the sheet music to 'London Bridge is falling down' over a map of the city. At the points where notes from the music fell across the map, Scanner took photos with a digital camera and recorded the sound that was happening at that point too, creating a 'soundtrack to a living city'.

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