Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Cul De Sac

A cul de sac (french for "dead end") is an arrangement of houses plotted around a dead end road that branches off a bigger or main road. This is the typical housing arrangement of a housing estate that consists of a main road connecting to many cul de sacs.

The overall purposes of this living system are the control of traffic around residential areas and the control of the residents through schemes such as Neighbourhood Watch.

My mother is part of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme and this entails keeping an eye out for criminal activity or general threats to the health and well being of the other residents. If there is anything that may pose threat or upset the utopian system of the sub-urban living arrangements of our cul de sac or neighbourhood, my mother is obliged to contact the local authorities for further action.
My mother is basically a voluntary, part time human CCTV camera.

-laptop battery is about to 'die' - part2 to come ..

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