Thursday, 2 December 2010

My 'In-Between' Space

Within my home i find spaces that are unoccupied and used for 'passing through' most interesting. The way that they aren't dwelled in appeals to me, like they are a passage through time or a gateway between two spaces or dimensions. They have a function but are vital, necessary spaces rather than places to settle and exist in.
This particular space represents the meaning of the house in general as it isn't a permament home for me and where I move to next is unknown. In essence I am only passing through, I am in between two lives; my life as a student and the progression into my future self and my chosen career. My home now is therefor an 'in-between' place and will always have significance and will occupy a space in my memory but it is a place that I am passing through and will stay in a certain place in time. Just as I will change and move on, so will the place when someone else occupies it.

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